Thinking about offshoring to India? You’re in good company. Major names like Microsoft, Ford, American Express and CISCO are reaping the benefits of the Indian offshoring industry. So how can you bring the world’s best tech talent to your organisation – without the challenges of hiring offshore?

As India releases its latest budget and announces a focus on digitisation, we’re expecting the country to dominate even more of the tech space. Late last year, Double Yolk wrote a blog on why India is the global powerhouse of skilled software developers, and in 2022, we’re expecting them to up their game even more.

That means if you’re thinking of offshoring to India, this is the time to do it. At Double Yolk, we’re always speaking to businesses in Australia and New Zealand who’ve heard about the benefits of building an offshore team, but are concerned about putting it into action. That’s why we’ve refined our processes to give businesses the confidence to offshore to India, so they can integrate the country’s top 2% of developers into their own team – and save money in the process.

Here’s how.

Stage 1 Sourcing India’s best tech talent

There’s a reason even Silicon Valley executives are turning to India in their quest to innovate their industries. A culture of problem-solving, a solid grasp on the English language and relentless hard work combine with IT skills cultivated over decades of focus on education.

In a country of over 1.3 billion people, there’s no shortage of talent. But for businesses today that want to overtake the competition, finding talent isn’t enough. They want to find the best – the creme de la creme – so they turn to experts like Double Yolk.

For every role we need to fill, we work with 14 Talent Partners across India who help to recruit top candidates. Our initial vetting phase involves filtering CVs based on skill set, experience and expertise. We set the bar extremely high, and ensure candidates have the exact required hard skills before moving on with their application. At this stage, we also determine whether the candidate has worked with remote teams previously, and carry out all reference and criminal checks.



Testing & interviews get underway

Candidates that pass our initial screening process then go through three rounds of testing.

This includes a General Coding Assessment (GCA) where developers must achieve a specified minimum score to progress to further technical testing and interviews. This is a comprehensive evaluation of their job-releant skills, and an opportunity for us to discover how developers fare with on-the-spot coding and de-bugging.

We then carry out English language and logical reasoning tests, before setting up a technical interview to select the very best developers.

Stage 3 Integrating talent with your company

One of the largest barriers stopping companies from offshoring is the concern of whether the individuals will integrate well.

While we can’t control physical distance, we can control operational distance. In other words, we take steps to ensure developers connect deeply with your organisation and its values, so you can trust them from the get-go.

When you choose a Double Yolk developer (a “Yolker” as we call them) to join your team, we’ll support you from start to finish. We launch a 3-stage integration plan that helps both our developers and our customers achieve the best possible results from the relationship.

Here’s what that plan looks like:


  • Create a company email address or communicate with your new developer via their Double Yolk email.
  • Introduce the developer to the software stack you use to communicate with your team – whether that’s Slack, Zoom, Teams or something else.
  • Give them access to the workflow tools you use, such as Asana, Monday or Jira.
  • Prepare the documentation they’ll need to do their job.


  • As the relationship gets underway, introduce the developer to your business. Talk about its values, set up a meet-and-greet, as well as a virtual tour of your office.
  • Arrange a check-in schedule with Double Yolk, so we can keep an eye on your progress, on your terms.
  • Get your new team member(s) familiar with the tools, methodologies and mindset your business embraces.
  • Start by ring-fencing a small project, so developers can understand your code base and deployment processes.

Initial climb

  • At this stage, expect an initial decline in output. This happens as your in-house team members take time out to train your offshore newstarters. Don’t panic: this is time well-spent and things will soon turn around.
  • Double Yolk is on-hand to ensure the final stage of integration runs as smoothly as it can. Create a development plan, make use of our $100/month learning programme to grow your team’s skillset, and emphasise the “own your code” mentality. This helps Indian developers to shift their mindset from working in teams with large testing departments, to being responsible for catching 95% of their own bugs.

We’re advocates for the complete integration of resources, so developers become fully embedded in your business and its culture.



Scale & succeed

With a fully functioning remote team in place, you’ll be enjoying the benefits and efficiency that comes with a highly-skilled global workforce.

Working with remote teammates has been proven to trigger fast growth for businesses. According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work Report 2020, the majority of businesses would rather operate with part of their team in the office, and part working remotely.

With the cost savings associated with a remote team on the table, organisations see growth limits dissolving. At this critical time of your business, Double Yolk steps in to provide a number of systems and tips to get it right.

We’ll show you how to bring your remote team into initial discussions to keep them aligned from the beginning. This helps them work with autonomy and makes sure everyone’s working on the same goal. We can also provide tips to foster a culture of connection – from using some conversational Hindi words to building engagement with offshore teams.

Build an offshore team that works!

A globally-distributed team doesn’t mean you have to compromise your culture, communication or efficiency.

In fact, it means the opposite. With the help of Double Yolk, you can bring the most talented developers in India to your team, and ensure the onboarding and subsequent working relationship moves without a glitch.

Need developers? Contact us and let’s build you a remote team that helps your business take off!